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e-Registration Form for New Dental Consultation Waiting List for Civil Service Eligible Persons


Starting from 10 am of 5 January 2024, civil service eligible persons (CSEPs) who would like to apply for waiting for new dental consultation provided by the dental clinic of the Department of Health (DH) (i.e. new dental cases, and inactive CSEPs who have not visited DH’s dental clinic for seven or more years) can submit the one-time enrolment without quota restriction through the e-Registration Form for New Dental Consultation Waiting List for Civil Service Eligible Persons (the e-Form) on GovHK. Upon verification of the eligibility of civil service dental benefits by the Medical and Dental Benefits Eligibility Checking System (ECS), the eligible registrants will join the waiting list (the sequence of which is based on the submission time of the e-Form).

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The applicant must use “iAM Smart+” to fill in and digital sign the e-Form. Please apply for or upgrade the account to “iAM Smart+” in advance. For application and upgrading of “iAM Smart+”, please refer to the iAM Smart website ( To ensure accuracy of the personal information and save the time in filling in the e-Form, applicant may use the "e-ME" Form Filling function to auto-fill the personal information on the e-Form.

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Before filling in the e-Form, please read the “Notes to Applicant” and “Collection of Personal Information – Statement of Purposes” below, and prepare the required information for filling in the e-Form, such as the English name, date of birth, gender, identity document, email address and mobile phone number of the applicant and the eligible family members (if any). For the template of the e-Form and the e-Form filling procedures, please refer to the e-Form filling flow chart (Press here).

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After submitting the e-Form, applicant will receive an email of “Acknowledgement of Form Submission” from GovHK to the provided email address. The applicant will be placed on the waiting list upon verification of the eligibility of civil service dental benefits by the ECS. If the serving civil servant or pensioner has not reported or updated the personal particulars of their eligible family members, please update the information with the serving bureau/department (for serving civil servants) or the Treasury (for pensioners) in order to ensure accuracy of the information in the ECS. If the applicant fails to be verified by ECS due to wrong input or inaccurate information of the eligible family members in ECS, the enrolment will be treated as null and void. The applicant has to update the information and enroll again on the waiting list for new dental consultation.

 Dental Services

Applicant who has passed ECS checking is an eligible registrant. An eligible registrant will receive an email with a sequence number of the waiting list within two months. DH will arrange the new dental consultation according to the sequence number on the waiting list, and appointment details will be sent to the eligible registrants by SMS around 3 months before the confirmed date of appointment. Eligible registrants will be subject to eligibility checking for civil service dental benefits on the appointment day.

After the launch of the e-Form, DH will still accept telephone registration for new dental cases. Under the new arrangements, upon receiving calls from CSEPs in need, DH will assist them in filling the required information in the e-Form. The waiting order of registration by phone will be based on the time when the completed e-Form is successfully submitted. As more time is required to process telephone registrations, the order of priority of those eligible registrants registering through telephone may thus be lower. Therefore, CSEPs are encouraged to submit the e-Form to register for joining the waiting list for new dental cases in a more convenient and time-saving way.

In view of the above new enrolment arrangement, the previous arrangement of calling the DH on the first working day of a month for registration of new dental cases will cease with effect from 2 January 2024. Applicants with difficulties in enrolment or applicants in need can call DH’s registration/enquiry/support hotline at 2892 1099 during office hours (available from Monday to Friday (except public holidays), from 9 am to 5 pm).

Introductory video (in Chinese only)
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Procedures after e-Form submission

 Dental Services

Notes to Applicant

  1. Applicants must be Civil Service Eligible Persons. If the applicant’s eligibility cannot be verified, the submitted e-Form will be treated as null and void.
  2. Applicants will queue up according to the system order to fill in the form, but the position in the queue does not represent the sequence in the Dental New Consultation Waiting List. Although applicants will have 60 minutes to submit the e-Form, the sequence in the Waiting List is assigned solely based on the time of successful e-Form submission. Thus, the earlier the e-Form is submitted and the earlier the eligibility for civil service dental benefits is verified, the earlier the sequence number will be.
  3. The waiting time of the dental new consultation will be affected if applicant has preference in clinic. Thus, if more applicants prefer a particular clinic, the waiting time for that clinic will be longer.
  4. For duplicate submissions, only the latest submission would be used. The sequence number will be assigned based on the time of latest submission of the e-Form.
  5. Please double check the inputted Identity Document Number. Such number will be used for ECS checking. If applicant’s eligibility cannot be verified, the submission will be treated as null and void. In addition, to facilitate DH staff to contact the applicant when necessary, please make sure the contact number is correct.
  6. Please ensure all the information submitted is true and accurate. DH will report to the Hong Kong Police Force in case anyone is found to have deliberately provided fraudulent information, including impersonating a CSEP.
  7. After submission, an email of “Acknowledgement of Form Submission” will be sent to the applicant (by GovHK)
  8. Another email containing the New Consultation e-Form submission sequence number will be sent to the eligible registrant with eligibility verified (by the Department of Health system)
  9. Under the following situations, the submission would not be processed further even if the email of ”Acknowledgement of Form Submission” email was issued to the applicant:
    1. Applicant fails the eligibility check;
    2. Applicant is not CSEP using dental services for the first time (i.e. an active CSEP, but not including CSEP who has just used the urgent dental service in Governement Dental Clinic and inactive CSEP who has not visited the Government Dental Clinic for seven or more years.)
    3. Applicant’s eligibility cannot be confirmed due to provision of inaccurate information

Collection of Personal Information – Statement of Purposes

Purpose of Collection

The personal data are provided by patients and clients with whom DH interacts in the delivery of services, and other related activities. The personal data provided will be used by DH for validation of authenticity of identity for the following purposes:

  1. Proof of eligibility;
  2. Providing services including but not limited to clinical service, dental laboratory service, appointment arrangement and notification, and client relation matters;
  3. Record of test results / examination / diagnostic research / treatment for continuation of care or reference by other medical professionals;
  4. Consent for special treatments / tests;
  5. Follow-up of payment matters;
  6. Investigation of outbreak of epidemic;
  7. For report / notification of tuberculosis or other reportable diseases for public health purposes;
  8. Tracing defaulters for follow up / treatment;
  9. Record of enrolment / management;
  10. For preparing statistics and accounting reports, epidemiological surveillance, carrying out research or teaching purpose; and
  11. Audit purpose.

The provision of personal data is voluntary. If applicant does not provide sufficient information, we may not be able to prove his/her eligibility for specific service / activities and not able to provide service / assistance to applicant.

Classes of Transferees

The personal data provided by applicant are mainly for use within DH but may also be disclosed to other Government Bureaux / Departments or relevant parties for the purposes mentioned above, if required. Besides, the data may only be disclosed to parties with consent of the applicant for such disclosure or where such disclosure is allowed under the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance.

Access to Personal Data

Applicant has the right of access and correction with respect to personal data as provided for under sections 18 and 22 and Principle 6 of Schedule 1 of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance. The right of access includes the right to obtain the personal data provided by applicant in para 1 above. A fee may be imposed for complying with a data access request.


For enquiries concerning the personal data provided, including access and correction, please call 2892 1099 (available from Monday to Friday (except public holidays, from 9 am to 5 pm).

e-Registration Form for New Dental Consultation Waiting List for Civil Service Eligible Persons

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For enquiries on the above arrangements, please call 2892 1099 (available from Monday to Friday (except public holidays), from 9 am to 5 pm).

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