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DH and HKSTP sign MOU

Digital Transformation of Public Health

The Department of Health (DH) being the Government's health adviser and agency to execute health policies and statutory functions, had long been providing unwavering support for the Government’s vision of establishing Hong Kong as a Smart City. The Department aims to leverage the latest innovation and technology (I&T) to become a data-driven organization, with the view of building a healthy Hong Kong.

Harness Information Technology to Combat COVID-19

Over the past 3 years, the Department has developed various Information Technology (IT) systems to provide core support to a wide array of public health functions, including port heath control, epidemiological investigation and management of COVID-19 confirmed cases, contact tracing, quarantine, isolation, disease surveillance, laboratory testing, law enforcement, monitoring and risk communication. The systems also support inbound/outbound travelers and the general public.

These IT systems demonstrated importance of obtaining timely and accurate digital data, prompt and secure data flow with stakeholders in fighting the epidemic. Synergy and collaboration were achieved by effective data sharing. Public health actions and territory-wide disease control measures could be expedited at all levels.

CHP Newsletter Special Issue - Harness Information Technology to Combat COVID-19

DH and HKSTP sign MoU to drive digital transformation in public health

The Department and the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP) signed a Memorandum of Understanding on 18 August 2023. We aim at leveraging the latest innovation and technology (I&T) to expedite digitalisation and to re-engineer public health functions, while fostering an innovation-driven culture in the Department and among healthcare professionals.

In the coming 3 years, this collaborative effort will cover six crucial public health application areas, including (i) smart health regulatory functions; (ii) smart clinics; (iii) smart workflow re-engineering; (iv) smart customer services; (v) online engagement; and (vi) data collaboration.

This strategic partnership is important for the Department to be better equipped for public health challenges in the post-pandemic era; and also supports smart government strategy by adopting I&T applications on government services.

Press Release

18 Aug 2023