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Main Service Areas

Health Informatics and Technology Office

The Health Informatics and Technology Office (HITO) was established in October 2019 upon re-organisation of the Department of Health. Led by an Assistant Director of Health, HITO envisions to establish a professional and sustainable IT team to support DH’s vision and mission and the Government’s IT and innovation strategies. HITO adopts a proactive and whole-of-department approach in planning and implementing IT initiatives, with a view to transforming DH into a data-driven organisation.

Main spectrum of work

  • IT projects conceptualisation, planning and management
  • Health informatics enablement and management
  • Advocacy of Government / Departmental IT and innovation initiatives
  • Governance and development of Clinical Information Management System
  • IT capacity building for the Department
  • IT security and risk management
  • Grade management of IT staff in DH

HITO consists of two divisions:

(1) Technology Services Division

The Technology Services Division, overseen by a Chief Systems Manager, offers expertise and support to DH service units throughout the life cycle of IT projects/ systems, from offering professional advice on IT solutions, funding acquisition, project management to system implementation and maintenance.

(2) Health Informatics Division

The Health Informatics Division explores, enables and manages departmental-wide health data resources and build capacity in data analytics. It bridges communication between business users and IT technical teams, facilitating DH service units in planning, implementing and the operation of IT systems from both business and data perspectives. It also assists DH service units to elicit user requirements, identify business needs and redesign workflow.

7 Dec 2020