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Main Service Areas

Non-communicable Disease Branch

For non-communicable diseases, the Non-communicable Disease Branch (the Branch) conducts research, analyses health problems and their determinants, sets health priorities, and plans and implements prevention and control programmes.
The population-based Cervical Screening Programme was launched in 2004 in collaboration with other service providers in the public and private sector to achieve higher screening coverage in the target population.
The Branch also supports the Cancer Coordinating Committee to formulate comprehensive cancer prevention and control strategies in Hong Kong. The Cancer Expert Working Group on Cancer Prevention and Screening under the Cancer Coorindating Committee provides recommendations on preventive measures and screening of major cancers based on a standardised review of scientific evidence.
Environmental health contributes to health protection. The Branch's Environmental Health Section focuses on monitoring local and overseas reports on environmental hazards, conducting health risk assessment and communication on environmental hazards with public concerns, providing professional advice on environmental health issues and promoting public awareness on environmental health.
The Public Health Information System was established in 2005 to enhance our ability to collect, collate, analyze and disseminate health information. Users may obtain information on health status of Hong Kong in the form of reports, tables, charts, maps, etc. vide the HealthyHK website.
In April 2007, the Hong Kong Poison Control Network (HKPCN) was jointly established by the Department of Health, the Hospital Authority, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, other government departments and academic institutions in order to strengthen poison prevention and control. The Branch's Toxicovigilance Section collaborate with relevant parties to enhance epidemiology surveillance for identification of poisoning risks in the community, the substances, circumstances and the population involved, and also to strengthen investigation of poisoning incidents so as to implement control measures in a timely manner.
Please visit the Centre for Health Protection website for more information on non-communicable diseases, including related health topics , statistics , recommendations , guidelines , publications , etc.

1 Oct 2019