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Training and Development Section

Human resource is a valuable asset of the Department of Health (DH). The Training and Development Section (TDS) is committed to providing diversified training and development opportunities for DH staff to build their professional capacities and achieve DH’s mission.

Partnering with various Universities and institutes, local and overseas experts in the fields, healthcare-related organisations as well as the Civil Service College (CSC), TDS endeavours to foster a continuous learning culture in DH by providing a wide spectrum of training covering not only professional knowledge and skills such as public health, clinical incident management, regulatory and law enforcement, but also areas related to personal effectiveness and organisational management such as leadership and management, innovation and technology application, languages and communication, and customer service. TDS also liaises with the CSC on civil service-wide training for DH staff.

Moreover, DH is appointed by the Medical Council of Hong Kong and the Dental Council of Hong Kong as the provider and administrator of the “Continuing Medical Education (CME) Programme for Practising Doctors who are not Taking CME Programme for Specialists” and the “Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Programme for Practising Dentists” respectively. TDS contributes by administering CME and CPD Programmes which aim at encouraging practising doctors and dentists to pursue continuous professional development.

29 Dec 2021