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Radiation Health Division

The Radiation Health Division enforces the Radiation Ordinance, and provides licensing, advisory, monitoring and health surveillance services to protect public health in the use of ionising radiation in Hong Kong.

Services include :

1. Issue of licences to control the import, export, possession, dealing in or with, and use of radioactive substances or irradiating apparatus.

Processing of radiation monitoring dosimeters

Calibration of Radiation Measuring Instrument

Environmental Radiation Monitoring

2. Issue of permits to transport radioactive substances in Hong Kong.
3. Organises pre-employment and periodic health surveillance of radiation workers and provides personnel and environmental radiation monitoring services.
4. Organising radiation safety and health education programmes and providing health counselling.
5. Performing safety analysis and inspection of radiation facilities, characterisation and quantification of radiation devices and standardisation of radiological instruments.
6. Dealing with adverse radiation incidents and providing advice on radiological safety and assessment of health effects.
7. Serving as Government's adviser on radiation health matters.

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  Last Revision Date : 1 Oct 2019