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Main Service Areas

Port Health Division

The Port Health Division enforces relevant provisions of the Prevention and Control of Disease Ordinance and the International Health Regulations at the seaport, Hong Kong International Airport and land boundary control points of Hong Kong so as to prevent infectious diseases from being introduced into or carried away from the territory.

Services include :

1. At the seaport : pre-arrival health clearance of incoming vessels in the form of free pratique, health clearance through inspection at the quarantine anchorages, radio medical advices to ships at high seas, issue of Ship Sanitation Control Certificate and Ship Sanitation Control Exemption Certificate.

Health clearance for incoming vessels

2. At the Airport : surveillance of the food catering services provided for airlines, monitoring of hygiene and sanitation standard within the Airport, management and care of air disaster victims, and implementation of aircraft disinsection programme for incoming flights from Zika virus affected areas.

[Press release]

[Administrative Guideline on Aircraft Disinsection] (Update on 12 June 2017)

[Technical Guidelines on Aircraft Disinsection for Flights into Hong Kong]

3. Air, sea and land boundary control points : inspection of air, sea and land boundary control points, and setting up of 'Health Post' to assist travellers in need.

4. Travel health : our service runs two Travel Health Centres to offer individual travel health assessment for travellers, and give health advice, travel health information, travel-related vaccinations and other preventive medications. We also promote travel health in the community and maintain a website providing travel health information for travellers, including global disease outbreak news, health advices for diseases prevention, guidelines for travel safety under all sorts of environments, and vaccination advices. (For travel health information, please visit our Travel Health Service Website).

Yellow Fever Vaccine

5. Permits : issue of import permits for human corpse, infectious agents, biological materials containing / suspected to be containing infectious agents, and issue of cremation permits.

Surveillance of food catering services provided for airlines

1 Oct 2019