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Health Care Voucher Division

The Health Care Voucher Division* was set up in 2008 to plan, implement and administer the Elderly Health Care Voucher Scheme which was launched in 2009 to provide subsidies for eligible elderly to receive private primary healthcare services that best suit their health needs. The work of the Division includes promoting the Scheme to the elderly and healthcare service providers in the private sector to encourage their participation; processing the enrolment applications of healthcare service providers and their voucher claims; and implementing monitoring measures to ensure the proper use of vouchers.

This photo demonstrates a conversation between a medical staff and an elder. This photo demonstrates an elder's entry into an clinic with the logo of the Health Care Voucher Scheme.

For more information about the Elderly Health Care Voucher Scheme, please visit the scheme website at or call the enquiry hotline at  2838 2311.

* Also known as the Health Care Voucher Unit until early 2020.

20 Jun 2022