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Elderly Health Services

The Elderly Health Service provides primary health care to the elderly, which in turn improves their self-care ability, encourages healthy living and strengthens family support so as to minimize illness and disability.

Services include:

Public Health & Administration

To systematically collect and analyse information on health status of the elderly population in Hong Kong so as to provide timely health intervention programme.

Elderly Health Centres

The Elderly Health Centres serve to identify health risks and detect diseases earlier for timely intervention and prevention of complications, in a multi-disciplinary approach under primary care settings. Elders aged 65 or above are eligible for enrolling as members of Elderly Health Centres. Enrolled members are provided with services of health assessment, counselling, health education and curative treatment.

Visiting Health Teams

Visiting health teams reach out to the community to deliver health promotion programmes to increase the health awareness of the elderly and their self-care ability. Using the train-the-trainer approach, visiting health teams provide training programmes for carers to enhance their health knowledge and skills in caring for the elderly. All services provided by the Visiting Health Teams are free of charge.

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  Last Revision Date : 13 Aug 2015