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Chinese Medicine

The Chinese Medicine Regulatory Office of the Department of Health is, among others, responsible for :

  • the enforcement of the Chinese Medicine Ordinance, which was passed by the Legislative Council on 14 July 1999. The Ordinance provides for the regulation of the practice of Chinese medicine practitioners and the use, manufacture and trading of Chinese medicines.
  • providing professional and administrative support to the Chinese Medicine Council of Hong Kong. The This link will open in a new windowChinese Medicine Council of Hong Kong, established under the Chinese Medicine Ordinance in September 1999, is responsible for implementing regulatory measures for Chinese medicine.
  • serving public health functions which include providing professional input for investigation and response management of adverse events related to use of Chinese medicines, communicating and collaborating with stakeholders in Chinese medicine field for prevention and control of disease and providing public education on Chinese medicine.
  • establishing the Government Chinese Medicines Testing Institute (GCMTI) to specialise in the testing of, and scientific research on, Chinese medicines with a view to setting internationally recognised reference standards for the safety, quality and testing methods of Chinese medicines. Under GCMTI’s purview, the Hong Kong Chinese Materia Medica Standards (HKCMMS) Section manages and co-ordinates the HKCMMS project, which is for the development of standards for some commonly used CMM. With the release of the "HKCMMS Volume 10" in December 2020, ten editions of HKCMMS covering standards for a total of 330 CMM have been published. For details, please visit the following hyperlink: This link will open in a new window .

Chinese Medicine This photo demonstrates pamphlets issued by Chinese Medicine Regulatory Office This photo demonstrates Chinese Medicines Herbarium in the Government Chinese Medicines Testing Institute

For more information about the Chinese Medicine Regulatory Office, please visit This link will open in a new window

25 Jan 2022