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Main Service Areas

Administration and Policy Office

The Administration and Policy Office, headed by Assistant Director (Administration and Policy), consists of the following four units:

Clinic Administration and Planning Division

The Clinic Administration and Planning Division ("CAPD") primarily supports the Department of Health in the areas of facilities management of clinic premises, provision of supplies and logistics to day-to-day clinic operations, physical planning and reprovisioning of clinic projects, etc. CAPD also provides support to emergency public health operations.

Departmental Administration Division

The Departmental Administration Division provides the full range of human resource management functions, including appointments, establishment, manpower planning, personnel management, staff relations, conduct and discipline, and performance management of all staff of Departmental of Health ("DH"). It also assists DH in management reviews, personnel management of the civil servants working in the Hospital Authority, and management and control of government funding for organisations subvented by DH.

Information and Public Relations Division

The Information and Public Relations Division helps formulate and implement public relations and publicity strategies for the Department of Health. The division answers media enquiries, prepares press releases, and organises press conferences and interviews.

Internal Audit Section

The Internal Audit Section ("IAS") is responsible for providing the senior management with an independent and objective assessment of the use of resources in terms of economy, efficiency and effectiveness. An Audit Committee, chaired by the Director of Health, is established to consider and endorse the audit plans, findings and recommendations of IAS.

16 Dec 2020