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2014 Health Manpower Survey on Physiotherapists

Key Findings

1.  The physiotherapists covered in the 2014 HMS were physiotherapists registered with the Physiotherapists Board of Hong Kong under the Supplementary Medical Professions Ordinance (Chapter 359) as at the survey reference date - 31.3.2014.

2.  The number of physiotherapists covered was 2 538.

3.  Of the 2 538 registered physiotherapists covered, 1 386 responded to the survey, giving an overall response rate of 54.6%. Of the 1 386 responding physiotherapists, 1 254 (90.5%) were economically active*† (active) while 132 (9.5%) reported to be economically inactive*‡ (inactive) in the local physiotherapy profession (See Chart) .

4.  Of the 1 254 active physiotherapists, 1 248 (99.5%) were practising in the local physiotherapy profession, five (0.4%) were seeking jobs and one (0.1%) was expecting to return to the original job in the local physiotherapy profession during the 30 days before the survey.

5.  The survey findings presented below were based on the 1 248 responding physiotherapists who were practising in the local physiotherapy profession as at 31.3.2014. As some questionnaires had missing responses, percentages presented below may not add up to 100%.

6.  Among the 132 inactive physiotherapists (See Chart) :

Chart title: Chart A: Activity Status of Physiotherapists Covered
17 Apr 2015