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Press Release

Recall of contaminated registered proprietary Chinese medicine with western drug ingredient

8 Nov 2010

The Department of Health (DH) today (November 8) urged members of the public not to buy or use a topical proprietary Chinese medicine (pCm) called "Loong Fung Trade Mark Singapore Chi Len Chun Fung Oil" (Registration number: HKP-01728) as it was found to contain a western medicine, aspirin. The product is indicated for relieving joint pain.

The DH had inspected the premises of the manufacturer, Chan Yat Hing Medicine FTY which is a licensed pCm manufacturer, and instructed that all the batches of the product to be recalled from the market on quality grounds.

The appeal and recall order followed detection of trace amount of aspirin, a western drug ingredient, in the product by Government Laboratory during the DH's market surveillance.

According to the manufacturer, about 10,200 bottles of the product were manufactured in 2009. About 2,500 bottles have been supplied to local market, and 2,900 bottles have been exported to the United States (US). The remaining 4,800 bottles are still in the factory.

So far, no report has been received about consumers feeling unwell after using the product.

The DH will closely monitor the recall while continuing with the investigation. The DH has also informed drug regulatory authority of the US about the incident.

The manufacturer has set up a hotline at 2395 2966 to answer enquiries about the recall.

Consumers may also choose to submit the recalled products to DH's Chinese Medicines Section at 2/F, Public Health Laboratory Centre, 382 Nam Cheong Street, Kowloon during office hours or destroy them before disposal.

The spokesman reminded members of the public who possess the product to stop using them and seek advice from healthcare professionals if in doubt.

08 November 2010