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Organisation Chart Deputy Director of Health - Dr Ronald LAM, JP 2961 8890 Head, Health Informatics and Technology Services - Dr Liza TO Tel: 3106 4757 Assistant Director (Administration and Policy) - Miss Winky WONG Tel: 2961 8893 Assistant Director (Elderly Health Service) - Dr Teresa LI Tel: 2121 8600 Assistant Director (Finance) - Ms Cora WONG Tel: 2961 8600 Assistant Director (Health Administration and Planning) - Dr Kellie SO # Tel: 2961 8897 Primary Care Office Principal Nursing Officer (Public Health Nursing Division) - Ms FOONG Mary Tel: 2961 8661 [Note: Directly under the charge of Assistant Director (Health Administration and Planning) and indirectly under the charge of Deputy Director of Health] Consultant, Family and Student Health Services - Dr Thomas CHUNG Tel: 2349 6737 Specialised Services Consultant, Child Assessment Service - Dr Florence LEE Tel: 2246 6659 Consultant, Clinical Genetic Service - Dr Ivan LO Tel: 2304 2063 Consultant in-charge, Professional Development and Quality Assurance Service - Dr Cecilia FAN, JP Tel: 3163 4581


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# Doubling-up Assistant Director (Health Administration and Planning)

  Last Revision Date : 21 Aug 2019