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Organisation Chart

Organisation Chart Health Services and Administration - Deputy Director of Health, Dr Teresa LI 2961 8890 Elderly Health Branch - Assistant Director (Elderly Health), Dr Anne FUNG 2121 8600 Family and Student Health Branch - Consultant Community Medicine (Family and Student Health), Dr Thomas CHUNG  2349 6737 Specialised Services Branch Administration and Policy Office - Assistant Director (Administration and Policy), Miss Winky WONG, JP 2961 8893 Finance and Supplies Office - Assistant Director (Finance), Mr Stewart SHUM 2961 8600 Health Administration and Planning Office - Assistant Director (Health Administration and Planning), Dr Edmund FONG  2961 8551 Health Informatics and Technology Office - Head, Health Informatics and Technology Office, Dr Liza TO 3106 4757 Child Assessment Service - Consultant Paediatrician (Child Assessment Service), Dr Florence LEE 2246 6659 Clinical Genetic Service - Consultant Clinical Geneticist, Dr Ivan LO 2304 2063 Professional Development and Quality Assurance Service - Consultant (Family Medicine) in-charge, Dr Cecilia FAN, JP 3163 4581 Public Health Nursing Division - Principal Nursing Officer, Ms FOONG Mary 2961 8661 (Directly under the charge of Assistant Director (Health Administration and Planning) and indirectly under the charge of Deputy Director of Health)

(The above organisation chart can be read by a screen reader)

11 Oct 2021