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Organisation Chart

Organisation Chart Regulatory Affairs - Controller, Regulatory Affairs, Dr Amy CHIU, JP 2961 8880 Boards and Councils Office - Head, Boards and Councils, Miss Suzanne WONG 2961 8636 Chinese Medicine Regulatory Office - Assistant Director (Chinese Medicine), Dr Alice WONG 3904 9100 Drug Office - Assistant Director (Drug), Mr Frank CHAN 2961 8862 Health Sciences and Technology Office - Assistant Director (Health Sciences and Technology), Dr Jeff LEE 2961 8892 Office for Regulation of Private Healthcare Facilities - Head, Office for Regulation of Private Healthcare Facilities, Dr Sarah CHOI, JP 3107 1117 Tobacco and Alcohol Control Office - Head, Tobacco and Alcohol Control Office, Dr FUNG Ying  3901 4100 Forensic Pathology Service - Consultant Forensic Pathologist in-charge, Dr WM POON  3661 3061

(The above organisation chart can be read by a screen reader)

4 Oct 2021