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Organisation Chart

Health Protection - Controller, Centre for Health Protection, Dr Edwin TSUI, JP 2961 8889 Communicable Disease Branch - Head, Communicable Disease Branch, Dr SK CHUANG, JP 2125 2200 Emergency Response and Programme Management Branch - Head, Emergency Response and Programme Management Branch, Dr Heston KWONG, JP 2125 2888 Health Promotion Branch - Head, Health Promotion Branch, Dr Raymond HO 2835 1822 Infection Control Branch - Head, Infection Control Branch, Dr CHEN Hong 2125 2925 Non-communicable Disease Branch - Head, Non-communicable Disease Branch, Dr Rita HO 2961 8918 Public Health Laboratory Services Branch - Head, Public Health Laboratory Services Branch, Dr JONG Kwok Kwan 2319 8337 Public Health Services Branch - Head, Public Health Services Branch, Dr KH WONG, JP 3143 7288 Assistant Director (Port Health and Quarantine), Dr LEUNG Yiu Hong, 3904 9300 Port Health Division - Chief Port Health Officer, Dr CHIM Pak Wing* 3904 9302 Social Hygiene Service - Consultant Dermatologist in-charge, Dr KM HO 2150 7360 Special Preventive Programme - Consultant (Special Preventive Programme) Dr Kenny CHAN 3143 7288 Tuberculosis and Chest Service - Consultant Chest Physician in-charge Dr TAI Lai Bun 2572 6023

* Doubling up the duties of Chief Port Health Officer

(The above organisation chart can be read by a screen reader)

22 Oct 2021