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Blanket recall of Abbott glucose test strips

29 Dec 2010

The Department of Health (DH) has today (December 29) requested a local medical device supplier, Abbott Laboratories Limited, to recall all its glucose test strips from consumers as a further precautionary measure to safeguard public health.

A spokesman explained that further to the recall of 359 lots of Abbott’s glucose test strips under six brand names announced on December 23, DH noted that the recall list of Abbott glucose test strips in the US has been expanding over the holiday to some 10 brands, involving over 380 lots.

Meanwhile, Singapore’s Health Sciences Authority issued another recall list of 43 lots under the brand name of “Abbott MediSense Optium Blood Glucose Test Strips”, some lots of which are also on the US’ latest list above.

“In view of uncertainties at this stage over the exact number of brands and lots affected, DH requested Abbott to recall all their test strips from the Hong Kong market in order to be vigilant. Consumers are advised to stop using any Abbott glucose test strip they have in hand immediately as the strips may show lower than actual readings. High blood sugar poses health risks and can be life threatening", the spokesman said.

“Consumers can contact the company's 24-hour hotline at 8302 0507 on recall arrangements. Whenever in doubt, they may also consult their healthcare workers for individual advice.”

  Last Revision Date : 29 December 2010