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Recall of pharmaceutical product

29 Mar 2010

Subsequent to the incident of recall of pharmaceutical products manufactured by the licensed drug manufacturer Neochem Pharmaceutical Laboratories in mid-March 2010, the manufacturer has voluntarily suspended its production to facilitate the Department of Health's (DH) investigations on the quality issues of the manufacturer. Majority of the product review has been completed.

Testing of samples collected during the investigations showed that one of the products, U-Caine Lozenges (Registration Number HK-27990), was found to contain lower than registered content in one of the active ingredients, benzocaine.

According to the label of U-Caine Lozenges, one piece of lozenge should contain 1mg benzocaine. Analysis result so far showed that the batch (Batch number 081228) of the concerned product only contained 0.5mg per lozenge.

The product was only sold in bulk pack. Based on information in hand, a total of 232 bottles (500 lozenges per bottle) of the affected batch had been supplied mainly to private doctors and some pharmacies.

U-Caine Lozenges is used for the relief of sore throat. It should be sold in pharmacy under the supervision of pharmacists.

This is a quality issue but may affect treatment effectiveness.

The manufacturer has initiated a recall at retail level. It has also set up a hotline, 3427 3525, to answer clients' enquiries.

People who have sore throat not relieved or aggravated after taking the medicine are advised to consult their healthcare providers.

The DH will closely monitor the recall.

  Last Revision Date : 29 March 2010