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Subject Date
First avian flu case CDC serology test preliminary results 27-12-97
Preventive measures for avian flu implemented 23-12-97
Initial assessment of Influenza A H5N1 cases 16-12-97
Committee draws up action plan for avian flu 16-12-97
Information and advice to doctors on H5N1 influenza 16-12-97
Guidelines for officers coming in contact with birds during the course of their work 12-12-97
Laboratory Tests for H5N1 Influenza 10-12-97
Use of Amantadine in the Management of H5N1 Infections 09-12-97
Updates on H5N1 influenza A situation 07-12-97
Measles Campaign successfully concluded 17-11-97
AIDS situation in 3rd quarter of 1997 31-10-97
Decision to de-register Fenfluramine and Dexfenfluramine 30-10-97
Bacteriological test results on ice cream products 11-10-97
Ice cream bars recall 09-10-97
Bacteria found in ice-cream bars 03-10-97
Discovery of the first case of influenza A virus (H5N1) in man in HK 20-08-97
AIDS Situtation in 2nd Quarter of 1997 11-08-97
Opening of Red Ribbon Centre 30-05-97
Campaign to Prevent Air-Conditioner Nuisances 04-05-97
Donormobile to Promote Organ Donation Education 28-04-97
Report of the Preparatory Committee on Chinese Medicine 24-04-97
AIDS Situation in 1st Quarter of 1997 21-04-97

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